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Server-Side API examples for Stream Target

Hi, I am trying to programmatically configure, in Streaming Engine, a Stream Target to push a stream (HLS) to Wowza Cloud. Assuming that I have already obtained the Connection Code from Wowza Cloud, how would I go about doing this? I’ve looked at the pushpublish classes, but didn’t find it clear if this is possible with those. I could use the REST API, but I would prefer not to.

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why wouldn’t just send RTMP to the wowza cloud and have them perform the segmentation? However, I have had a look at the IDE solution and the example given shows only how to write to local disk and not to perform any type of http push/put. Could the wowza engineering folk please expose that as way of example. I mean the purpose of push publish is rarely to write something to local disk.


As the previous poster stated I would use RTMP to push to Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Regarding the IDE solution, can you link me to that one?