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Server side programming to stream and publish my live video


I want to create an Live Chat application for iOS, i need to do live streaming of video, as of now, i able to take the live video from live chat and divide into chunk of video file from iOS side, i want to know how to pass this chunk of video files or single live video file to wowza for streaming and publishing it to wowza through server side java coding. I am not able to get any code or solution for it. Please can any one provide me with code to stream chunk of files which i get from ios application and publish to wowza through wowza server side java programming and what are the files to be modified and how to run it and see. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

I think the best course of action here would be to post a request in the find a consultant forum. Or you could write to and ask for a consultant list.

Thank you.