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Server VOD set up successful now how can my clients watch the VOD?

Hi all,

Sorry for this complete newbie question, searches came up empty.

I’m using Wowza for the first time, i successfully installed and configured the Wowza streaming Engine on my Mac., now how can my external clients watch the VOD ?


Clients can watch VOD using appropriate playback means for each supported vod protocol. In short for streaming via wowza:

  1. Setup server for VOD
  2. Add media that will be used for streaming in supported format. (Mp4 / FLV)
  3. Decide what platforms to target (desktop/mobile) and use appropriate protocols.
  4. Test playback using test video players page. See this.
  5. Build your own player or using an existing player solution.

Note you can also use pseudo streaming techniques for mp4 and normal web server for HLS streaming as well. In that case you won’t need to burden Wowza streaming engine,

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