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Set "Publish KeyFrameInterval" for Web RTC

I read somewhere that Wowza sends intraframe requests to the WebRTC publishing client.
By default, this happens once per second, so the KeyFrameInterval is set to 1 second.

By using:


we can change the value of the keyframe interval.

Do you know if there is a property in Application.xml, or an alternative method to change this?

If you search the forums for that property, this post pops up:

We do not have a way at the moment within the application.xml to edit that property. But, the post I shared offers a way to do that with a little of custom code. We do have a bug request in for this property to be edited so I apologize for any inconvenience.

I adapted the code given in the post and created a java file, then compiled it and transformed it to .jar.
I added the module in wowza and the results are great, especially with a low frame rate and a low bitrate.
Thank you very much!