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setShutdownClient(true) takes 90 seconds to stop/destroy RTMP connection

I need to programmatically stop VOD access to a certain file so it can be deleted or renamed. I find the active streams using AppInstance.getStreams, find the ones I want to kill, and call stream.getClient().setShutdownClient(true). 90 seconds later Wowza finally shows the stream was stopped and destroyed, and I have access to the file – how can I stop/destroy the stream immediately?

INFO session connect-pending -
INFO server comment - onConnect: 2078592560
INFO session connect -
INFO server comment - onConnectAccept: 2078592560
INFO stream create - -
INFO stream play 2018/LF2-23 2018-06-15.mp4 -
INFO server comment - APIServer: terminating matched VOD stream: /2018/LF2-23 2018-06-15.mp4 from
INFO server comment - StreamModule: running setShutdownClient(2018/LF2-23 2018-06-15.mp4)

[90 seconds pass]

INFO session comment 2078592560 client connectionClosed [2078592560] watchdog
INFO stream stop 2018/LF2-23 2018-06-15.mp4 -
INFO stream destroy 2018/LF2-23 2018-06-15.mp4 -
INFO session disconnect 2078592560 -
INFO server comment - onDisconnect: 2078592560