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Setting DVR properties using code in wowza 3.6.4 doesn't work?

Hello I used the code of the example DVR recording API to set the dvrMaximumRecordingLength property of a DVR stream. The final code is:

//Set a property to limit recording time
Object nTmpFin = 0;
WMSProperties prop = dvrRecorder.getProperties();
dvrRecorder.getProperties().setProperty("dvrMaximumRecordingLength", 60);
nTmpFin = dvrRecorder.getProperties().getProperty("dvrMaximumRecordingLength");                

The nTmpFin = 60, but the server continues using the value of the application.xml. Any idea about how to set dvrMaximumRecordingLength using code?

There is an open ticket referring to this issue,


. Please refer to it moving forward.