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Setting playbackSSL in Wowza Cloud for HLS

As per I can set the playbackSSL property to force the URLs in the .m3u8 playlists to use https instead of http, which works well when I am fetching the .m3u8 files from Streaming Engine directly, but this configuration does not propagate to Wowza Cloud when I push publish the stream up to it.

The same thing applies to setting the paths to be relative, which would also solve my problem for now.

How do I force the .m3u8 files served up by Akamai to use https and/or relative paths?

Thank you


Hi Jorge

currently we do not allow https delivery with wowza streaming cloud.

However we will add it in the upcoming months.

It will only do a ssl certification between the CDN and the user but not the transcoder and the CDN.

Are you looking for end to end SSL encryption?

Would you please let me know what your specific use case for it is?

Thanks Philipp