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Setting up new content delivery method for Team Emma!(:

Goal: Deliver dynamic streaming movie files to members only and set-up live video feature

System/software: OS X 10.9, aMember (membership), Wordpress 3.8

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Budget: $250.00+


Contact email:

Hi! My names Emma Lovett(:

I’m a cam superstar and operate my very own paid membership site. I call my group of members Team Emma!

Lately a lot of them have been complaining about slow loading times and they would like to be able to skip forward in the movies some times. I figured Wowza would be a great solution. I downloaded the trial version and was able to play a video file through the VOD and live streamer through Wirecast.

I’m not sure how to continue to set it up onto my members page but I do have JW Player 6 and think I could use this. When I started reading things like “JW Player’s Flash Dynamic Streaming implementation from a server-side SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) file” I instantly realized some one would need to do all this for me lol

I’d like to use Wowza and JW Player to stream sometimes large (3-6GB) videos to my members (securely). Currently I host my videos on S3 and upload to my site through aMember and WP, although if I could switch the hosting to my dedicated server which has 265GB free space and is mostly idle that would be great. Also I could host the videos on JW Player and I think they take a single file and optimize/compress it to work perfect with its player. I would need guidance with all this as part of the project(:

I would also like a new feature added to my webstie that allows live streaming for members.

Any help would be greatly appreciated(: