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Setting up streaming to web browser clients


So, just for context here, I’m primarily a UI developer who has not worked much with video in the past.

One of our other developers set up a Wowza live streaming server to stream live feeds from our client’s cameras to web browser and mobile browser clients. As far as I can tell, he has the “intake” side of the system set up properly. I can open vlc, enter the rtsp streaming url (rtsp:// and see the video via that method.

I was given this url to set up a test web page to test the streaming over http:

When I go directly to that url, i get a download of playlist.m3u8 with contents:





But when I try to place that url into html 5 video tag, Chrome shows a player but no video. Firefox shows the error “No video with supported format and MINE type found.”

I have admin access to the streaming engine to fix this, but I’m not even sure where to begin looking here.

(1) I should be able to play a video streamed from the Wowza engine using a html5 video tag in Chrome/Firefox under Windows, correct?

(2) if (1) is true, what should I be looking at to attempt to find the reason why this is not currently working?

(3) if (1) is not true, what should I be looking into in order to be able to access these steams?


Yes, you can play an Engine stream in an HTML5 player, but you may need to check for browser compatibility. The

Let me help you with a url example…

Here is our doc that shows you an example on how to set this up as well as a chart for browser compatibility.

Feel free to send a support ticket @Deirdre Hall and a Wowza engineer will be more than happy to get this set up for your workflow. Could save you time.