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Setting up Wowza on Amazon EC2

Hello there. I have hit a roadblock in my setup. How do I install Wowza on the actual EC2 instance? On page 10 of the instructions I am supposed to stream a video using my “instance-public-domain” but there is nothing in the folder to stream, so nothing works. After that point I cannot log into my server using SSH either. To say I am a newbie to all this is an understatement, but I have been tasked with doing this project, so any help is appreciated.

We have pre-built Wowza AMIs. Use these:

These are not the devpay licenses. You have to use your own monthly, daily or perpetual license. They support nDVR, DRM, and Transcoder Addons, which the devpay AMIs don’t.


You probably have to enable TCP port 1935 in your Security Group. Take a look at the Wowza EC2 Guide for more details:


I found out that my first instance was not in the list of supported clients, so I went through the set up process again with ami-8377beea. My DNS is and when I try to play the sample, I don’t get an error that the file was not found, but I also do not get a video playing.

Thanks, I know I went through that part before, but I guess I never applied the ports. Thank you for the fast reply.