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setup a slave standby wowza engine server

I have a perpetual wowza engine license (for a single power server). Now I want to setup a sandby (slave) server in case I need to shutdown the main current one (master) for maintenance or unexpected crash.
per this guide

could I use my current license, duplicate (migrate) it to the new server (the standby one) but still keeping the old current master one? providing that I will not run 2 instances at the same time, either the main master one starting (in service) and the standby slave one stopped, or shutdown(stop) the main master one and start the standby slave one. Is it allowed? is it doable?

Thanks in advance



With a perpetual license, you need 1 license for each server that runs Wowza. That means that you will have to keep your stand-by server powered off, or at least the Wowza services NOT running while the 1st server has Wowza running. Alternatively, you must buy a 2nd license, so that you can keep Wowza running on your 2nd server (so that it can be a “hot-spare”).

With the monthly license, you can use the same license key on multiple Wowza servers, but you’ll be billed for each concurrent Wowza instance - thus if you run Wowza on 2 instances at the same time at any given time in a month, you’ll be billed for 2 instances that month.