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Several questions regarding streaming with 4.0.1

Hello wowza, i have some questions regarding streaming with wowza streaming engine 4.0.1.

Does wowza still have the limit with java in regards to amount of bandwith it can use, i.e. only 5Gbps, so you have to have two instances on a server if you want to use the full 10Gbps from a fiber card?

Is there any way to be able to avoid manually copy SMIL files from server to server , i.e. just using ngrp or getting so that all the SMIL files are dynamically copyed or created when att stream is sent to one of our servers?

Can you link to a guide somewhere or explain how i would go about setting up a masterserver that our streams would go to, that in turn will dynamically stream to one of multiple transcoding servers that in turn would stream each stream to multiple distrubution servers that all clients/viewers would then connect to?

Thanks in advance,

Christian Olsson.


Yes, the 5gbs Java limit is unchanged.

You either need a smil file on the edge, or you can dynamically create a MediaList

The basic guide to setting up a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration is here.

You usually need to use a load balancer, which Wowza provides here.