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Share port 443 beetween wowza and web applications

I am using Wowza for vod streaming in port 1935 and it is installed in my Apache2 server. Also I have django projects running in my port 443 that are configured in my virtualhost on Apache2 Server.

If I configure wowza for port 443, my projects in virtualhost doesnt run and it says port 443 is in use. Is it possible to run wowza with SSL together with my web applications of django with SSL configured in my apache2 virtualhost?, Both in same server, same port.

If it’s not possible, could you give me a recommendation? I started using wowza recently so maybe I’m missing something from the documentation.

If you’re solely need SSL for output over HTTP (HLS, MPEG-DASH), then you could set up a virtual host in Apache and proxy it to Wowza. Set up your Wowza Application as an Origin Application. Alternatively you can get a 2nd public IP and set up your Wowza Server to bind to that IP only.