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Shared hosting for media server (streaming audio only)

I use the full version of Wowza at work with our own streaming servers but I’m looking for advice on chosing a shared host for a personal site that I’m only going to be sending out audio on. Initially I just want to use it so that users can skip through a prerecorded mp3 without having to download the whole thing.

The free version of Wowza will be fine to begin with and I will upgrade once I exceed the limits. With this in mind I would like to begin with a cheaper shared host that has wowza installed on.

Any recommendations?



A standard shared hosting plan is unlikely to work. You need at least a vps with root or admin access.

Check the Streaming partners page:


Also, you should consider Wowza on EC2:


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On a side note, the biggest issue you generally have with streaming is you need to make sure your service provider has good, reliable bandwidth available. Many of the cheapo places that give you a VPS oftentimes only have their server attached to a 100meg switch. That doesn’t get you much in the way of video streaming. Even where I’m at we only have gig drops available and we only have a total of 3Gbps of available bandwith from our providers.

So if you’re going to be doing a lot of streaming, may be best to go the Amazon route. Or you can do like we do which is maintain a single server for the smaller stuff, and whenever we do a larger event we bring up more of our own standby boxes or a handful of Amazon EC2 instances as needed.