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sHow can I use WOWZA to make video call between to iPhone device?


I am new in WOWZA. I am trying a lot, but could not find any solution to make it.

I’ve a general idea. Please make me correct, if I am wrong.

I’ve to use RTMP, as RTSP protocol is not supported by iOS (As far as I know). But by using RTMP we can show video on flash player only. If i use “FFmpeg” and “librtmp” projects to make compressed stream and send same to WOWZA server, will it be some how(By using HTTP live streaming?) possible to redirect those streams to another devices from WOWZA again? As per my knowledge, we can send stream to WOWZA server n WOWZA will show it on flash player. But I don’t want this type of one way video publishing, I want to send stream to WOWZA that WOWZA can send those stream to other devices via broadcasting again.

In a one sentence, I just wanted to make a Audio/Video calling app using WOWZA, is this possible?

NOTE: Also I’ve made compressed frames by “FFmpeg”, but don’t know how to send those to WOWZA. Please help me.


Sourangshu Biswas


First, take a look at Livu:

The only thing we have that might help in your effort are these FFmpeg/mpeg-ts examples:


I really can’t help with development of a mobile live encoder. I don’t have much to offer and it’s too far from Wowza support.


You can use Wowza in the middle using its standard features (publish to, stream from), but this is otherwise development of client applications that I am not able to help with.

From what I understand, iOS chat is not practical because of the way streams are delivered in chunks and how that adds latency to live streaming.


THNX rrlanham for fast replying :slight_smile: :-), I’ve seen “” before. this is the server side configuration. but I want the client part(iOS code) too.

I don’t know whether it is illegal or not to mention this here… I’ve seen this(“”) tutorial where we can make a connection between WOWZA n iOS. But they are sending only string/integer/float values to the server. Though you can see some example like screen sharing there, but I’ve checked the code, they are sending only X.Y coordinate(normal integer) to server, n WOWZA sending those X,Y to other devices to draw again the lines. They are not sending any stream to server for screen sharing (Actually the screen is not sharing at all).

I’ve seen “” too, to extract frames by using “FFmpeg” as I cant see the inside code of Livu, how they are communicating to WOWZA.

So right now I am going to integrate these two projecs, that we can send compressed streams to WOWZA. For extracting raw compressed frames. For establishing a way to communicate with WOWZA server.

Am I going in a right direction?

Please help me rrlanham. Thnx again :slight_smile:


I’ve tried AVFoundation class of iOS also to bypass the FFmpeg, but I am getting “CMSampleBufferRef” type data in “- (void)captureOutput:(AVCaptureOutput *)captureOutput didOutputSampleBuffer:(CMSampleBufferRef)sampleBuffer fromConnection:(AVCaptureConnection *)connection” delegate method, how can convert “CMSampleBufferRef” to frames???

I can get UIImage from “CMSampleBufferRef” type data by using the following syntax:

UIImage *image = [self imageFromSampleBuffer:sampleBuffer]

Now, is it possible to convert these images to frames or directly from “CMSampleBufferRef” to frames?

I don’t think this will work, what do u think Richard??

I’ll be very thankfull if you help me little more.

Ohoo :eek:!! sorry Richard :(, actually I didn’t know about that. No problem :), can u just tell me, whether is it possible to make audio/video calling features in iOS by using WOWZA, or not?

Ok, Thank you Richard. :slight_smile:

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