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Silverlight Player acting like dvr

So I am using the smoothstreaming player that’s available at, and the stream plays, with drm enabled too, however I’d rather it not try to play as a DVR type stream if I use your sample player it doesn’t happen however with this player it does… any ideas?

Hi Doug,

What is the streaming URL that you’re using in your player? A DVR URL for Smooth streaming looks like this:


-while a standard live stream (no-DVR) appears without the ?DVR URL query:


I would suggest dropping the URL query to see how the stream performs.



This is not expected behavior. We can have a look at your logs if you create a support request by sending an email to Please include a copy of the following files as a .zip (or other archive):





Also, send a reference to this post.


the url I am using is http://wowza-ip-address:2195/live2/channel13a/Manifest no dvr in the coding at all. However it still behaves the same way.

Will do just that, thanks

I already sent in the email with the logs and all