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Simple Audio Only Android Example

Hello, I would really appreciate it is someone has a very simple audio only streaming example for android.

I am struggling to get the example applications to run and as I only have this very simple use case I wondered if there was someone out there that had done this already.



You’ll need to add these WOWZBroadcastConfig parameters for an audio only stream:

If you have an issue, also try enabling HLS playback in the SDK and using exoplayer in android that supports m3u8 format instead of the native mediaplayer.

Thank your for the info, and apologies, I should have been able to work this out!

On a similar note, I am trying to encode and broadcast mono audio only, however although I have see the audio channels config to mono, VLC is still suggesting that I have a stereo audio stream.

You’re welcome @Matthew Paradis. You have to change the settings in VLC to switch and force mono audio. If you search their site and forums, they have the directions on how to do this. Hope that helps you out.