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Simple Audio transcoder features request (volume + stereo split: multilingual audio enabler)

I really like WSC. The only thingh that is missing, IMHO, is a more advanced audio transcoder management…

The features I would like to see are:

  1. Audio volume ovveride (in order to set a positive or negative gain on the input audio, per transcoder);

  2. Actually if I ingest a stereo audio, the transcoders give me no way to split the audio channels. It would be great to add the possibility to select if the transcoder should use just one of the 2 channels and ignore the other. Having this possibility can enable us to manage multilingual (max 2 languages for stereo input) stream by providing a single Audio/Video feed with the LEFT channel carrying a language and the RIGHT channel another language… Then at the transcoder level we would be able to choose to use a channel as source for a stream destination and the other channel as source for another different stream destination. (note that this will be fully compatible with classical RTMP ingest). This idea is already in use by another competitor cloud streaming platform (with a focus on multilingual streaming, they also support 5.1 or 7.1 audio ingest in order to increase the number of supported languages).


I would like to join the second suggestion, we do a lot of SRT streaming with up to 16 channels (translations, Audio 1+2 is the stereo main stream audio, and we then add up to 14 other languages as mono signals on the other channels) and currently cannot do that via wowza streaming cloud. We had to set up our own servers and CDN accounts for this, and this should (technically) not be a big deal to integrate this into WSC!
I like how simple and reliable WSC is and would love to do more (or even all) streams using the WSC platform.
The audio limitation is the reason why we stick with the Basic Plan and do not go with the Plus or even Enterprise options…