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Simple token based user authentication


I wrote a Wowza module called Wowza Wrench which allows you to authenticate your website’s users in Wowza by putting generated tokens in your connection url. This enables you to log users on wowza side, perform additional authorization or even set up pay-per minute or pay-per-view solutions.

The tutorial on user authentication is here.

Feel free to give me feedback and suggest improvements. I am actively working in my module and adding new features regularly.

does the pay-per-minute also work on the iphone and android devices?

Hi! Yesterday I released a new version which added support for HTTP based streamers (Cupertino, San Jose and Smooth), so yes, the latest version’s pay-per-minute also supports iPhone and Android devices. Give it a go! :slight_smile:

Hi PeggyHutto, I don’t quite understand what kind of information do you need exactly. Have you read my article about how my module works? If you have specific questions, I am happy to reply.