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Simple user authentication demo with Wrench


I have this product called Wrench which generally addresses numerous system integration cases between Wowza and the surrounding system, let that be an online streaming site with paid events/minutes, or simply stream user encoder authentication and authorization. I am focusing now on making easier to understand how to set up and use this product, so created a dedicated GitHub page with downloadable examples and related YouTube videos that showcase the examples.

I am ready with the first example pack and video and wanted to share this here with anyone interested.




The latest version (2015.02.14) of Wrench now comes with a new feature which allows you to hook on external webservice to perform authentication or authorization on your stream players.

The way it works is that Wrench resolves the token parsed from the URL to a valid username (or if you don’t want this, it assumes anonymous as username), and then reaches out via HTTP POST to your webservice to make the decision. You’ll get a JSON message like this:

{"streamName": "mystream", "userName":"john", "token":"54ddec75e2294", "applicationName":"live", "applicationInstance":"_definst_"}

And you can respond with

{"result": "allow/deny"}

, and your service written in your favourite language is making the decision.

The takeaway message is that you can get full control over who can watch which stream in which application, etc. Click here to find out the details.