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Simultaneous Broadcast on YouTube and Wowza Embedd Player

We would like to use Wowza Player on our website for live streaming. Simultaneously, we also want to broadcast live on YouTube.

We would be embedding wowza player on our website. So basically it is running simultaneously on our website and our YouTube Channel also.

Is it possible to do it? Please let me know.

Of course you can do that. Check out this

Thanks @Connessione

Keep in mind though @Nandish_Avlani that Wowza Player was sunset and we no longer issue a new license for that player as of April 2020. If you had a license before April 2020, that player will work but will no longer be available at all after this month, Aug/2021.

Having said that, you can still simulcast to multiple social media sites and use a player for your own website as well. You simply create a stream target for You Tube Live as @Connessione linked to and embed the code for the HTML5 player of your choice on your site.

Here is some more info on players with Streaming Engine: