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Since the response for a smil request will be 404 instead of 200 when stream is not live

We were using 4.8.5 for our ingest base, and recently thinking about upgrade to the latest. However during testing to check the function of 4.8.13+01, we have noticed one thing the behavior is slightly different comparing the two.
Previously, if you request a m3u8, e.g.
curl -i https://{domain}/live/ngrp:streamname_main_all_transcode/playlist.m3u8, you will get a 200 response code with a body of:

Now, if making the same request, the response code will be 404.

I’m wondering if this is something configurable from Wowza point of view, since the 404 vs 200 actually impacts how the player can handle the scenario for streaming not live.