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single RTMP source > Wowza > ABR HLS

Hello guys,

I have a single RTMP source being pushed to my Wowza Streaming Engine and I would like to know how can I make the WSE transcode the RTMP to an ABR HLS stream. Is this possible?

Sending in one live stream, regardless of the source type (RTMP, RTSP, UDP based MPEG-TS, etc…), and generating ABR content is the purpose of Transcoder. Our article covers this in detail.

Note that Transcoder is CPU/GPU intensive. Hardware system requirements for Wowza Streaming Engine can be found at the link below:

We have an article on how to find the right hardware for your needs.

We do have benchmarks regarding the usage of our Transcoder with specific details on the hardware that was in use. Note that the benchmarks do not reflect the performance impact that the Spectre and Meltdown patches had on overall hardware and OS performance.

Yes you sure can @Sebastian Toro and this is a very common workflow for Wowza customers. It’s quite easy to do in the Engine manager and it’s called creating a SMIL file. Here are some tools for you to get started including a step-by-step video tutorial on ABR.

But, first, here is how to send your RTPM stream to Engine and enable HLS playback:

Once the RTMP stream is ingested and processed by Engine, you can then set up your adaptive bitrate files:

Please reach out to tech support with a support ticket should you need additional assistance setting this up and they’re happy to help.