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Slow Motion for RTMP Playback

Does Wowza 3.6 support slow motion and fast forward for RTMP playback? My video player application is based on the Flex VideoDisplay component, and it would be nice to have this additional functionality if I can simply call Wowza from the client, assuming it works like that?

Slow motion, Fast forward, etc. (trick play) over RTMP can work with Wowza, but only with .flv files containing Spark or VP6 video. Flex VideoDisplay component will not work. Since most video is h.264 now it is not widely used, and the Wowza trick play example is no longer shipped. If you think you want it still I will see if I can find it. It is not included in our additional examples


Here it is:

According to the article it support VP6 and MP3, not Spark, as I had said.


This came up today, and the above info is corrected in the article: The video must be VP6 or Spark. The audio codec does not matter.