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Slow stream load times

Software: Wowza Media Server 3.1.1 build1479

I have noticed this week that the initial load time for streaming flv’s using Wowza (rtmp) from S3 has significantly increased in time e.g. 30+ seconds for a video that used to take 5 seconds. What I mean by initial load time is the point is called and a NetStream.Play.Start response is received. Looking in the logs I am also reading a few time outs:

MediaCacheHTTPByteReader.sendRequest[http://my-ip:80/bucket/stream.flv]: Connection timed out

Researching this I see people have suggested that this maybe due to EC2 network but we have not seen any other issues except streaming.

Can anyone please suggest any reasons behind why this may be occurring and any potential resolutions?




MediaCache on EC2 is usually a good pair, but that does indicate a network issue. We don’t have any insight into AWS network, so there is nothing we can do directly, but if we see a pattern we will report it.