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SMIL for VOD with caption

this is my simple smil file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<smil title="vod-slim">

        <video src="7/assets/products/Movie/1508076480_MXzoGWG94b_160p.mp4" system-bitrate="357200"></video>

        <video src="7/assets/products/Movie/1508076480_MXzoGWG94b_360p.mp4" system-bitrate="662000"></video>

        <textstream src="sub_titles/1508076480_6M53grmeGY.vtt" system-language="ger">
             <param name="isWowzaCaptionStream" value="true" />

        <textstream src="sub_titles/1508055070_bkqMuEnUxR.vtt" system-language="eng">
             <param name="isWowzaCaptionStream" value="true" />


i use HLS.

my problem is:

1- i could not get language title in any player, it just show unknown subtitle in cc buttons

2- it only serves the first subtitle, i don’t get two subtitles

3- it only serves vtt and ttml files, if i add srt files if wont work (srt is enabled in setup)

also i have a question related to subtitle:

4- i embed subtitles to video by ffmpeg. but i cant show subtitles in players streamed by wowza, is this possible by wowza to serve subtitles embed in files?


there is no answer for this question? anybody?!

SMIL files are unique to each protocol. Note that subtitles are not supported with MPEG-DASH.

Please take a look at the following article for how to deliver multiple sidecar subtitle files via HTML5.

SMIL files support only one textstream value. Your SMIL file is using two.

From the article.

To play using a SMIL file

To play adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams using a SMIL file, the caption info must be added to the SMIL file using a single textstream tag (SMIL files don’t support multiple textstream tags).

If you use a SMIL file for ABR content delivery and provide more than one subtitle language track then you must use a multi-language caption file. This would be a TTML file that combines all necessary languages into one file.

We have an article on how to switch between different subtitles. I have hot linked to the format of the TTML file.