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Smil live streaming update

I am using the smil file to configure the origin-edge. Change the schedule in smil and apply it using load or reload curl. If applied, the currently playing content will be played from the beginning. Is it possible to change the schedule while maintaining the current streaming?

As shown in the picture below, if you update the schedule while it is currently 5:10, the streaming will start from the first point starting at 5:00.

hello, I need help, please

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Reloading the schedule will reset the entire playlist, from the beginning.

Is there a point in your schedule when a reload would be practical? You may want to consider a reload at a more appropriate time to avoid resetting streaming in-progress.

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@castis_castis also take a look at thisforum post

sorry. I didn’t understand. Is it possible to calculate the time value when reloading smil and play the content point currently playing at the current time?

Sure, using an external scheduler. For example, create a cron job or Windows Task to run the reload request at a specific time or rotation.


Also @castis_castis see this post. As you can see there are different parameters for the video tag in playlist. If the schedule is not recurring you can calculate which video was playing , video will play next and from where (based on how long you stopped the playlist). Then when you generate new playlist make sure to play with start attribute to make it seem like it remembers where it was and where it should be after it is loaded again. - my thoughts on the matter