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SNMP monitoring using Telegraf


I wonder if someone has tried to use telegraf [1] to monitor Wowza. I have enable SNMP [2] but I dont manage to get any data flowing to my instance of influxdb. Here below some of the runs I have done [3].

The Wowza MIB file is placed at



Any orientation is welcome!

Thank you,





  agents = [ "IP:1611" ]
  version = 2
  community = "public"
  interval = "60s"
  timeout = "10s"
  retries = 3

    oid = "WOWZA-STREAMING-ENGINE-MIB:streamCountGetPublishFrameCountData"
    name = "counter1"

    oid = "WOWZA-STREAMING-ENGINE-MIB:vhostPerformGetMessagesOutBytes"
    name = "counter2"
#  telegraf --config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf --input-filter snmp --debug
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.14.3
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Loaded inputs: snmp
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Loaded aggregators:
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Loaded processors:
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Loaded outputs: influxdb
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! Tags enabled: host=IP hostgroup=vidyo/{{ vidyo_type_server }}/{{ vidyo_cluster }}
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:1m0s, Quiet:false, Hostname:"IP", Flush Interval:20s
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z D! [agent] Initializing plugins
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z D! [agent] Connecting outputs
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z D! [agent] Attempting connection to [outputs.influxdb]
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z D! [agent] Successfully connected to outputs.influxdb
2020-06-09T07:41:28Z D! [agent] Starting service inputs
2020-06-09T07:42:00Z D! [inputs.snmp] executing "snmptranslate" "-Td" "-Ob" "WOWZA-STREAMING-ENGINE-MIB:streamCountGetPublishFrameCountData"
2020-06-09T07:42:00Z D! [inputs.snmp] executing "snmptranslate" "-Td" "-Ob" "WOWZA-STREAMING-ENGINE-MIB:vhostPerformGetMessagesOutBytes"
2020-06-09T07:42:02Z D! [outputs.influxdb] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
2020-06-09T07:42:22Z D! [outputs.influxdb] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
^C2020-06-09T07:42:37Z D! [agent] Stopping service inputs
2020-06-09T07:42:37Z D! [agent] Input channel closed
2020-06-09T07:42:37Z I! [agent] Hang on, flushing any cached metrics before shutdown
2020-06-09T07:42:37Z D! [outputs.influxdb] Buffer fullness: 0 / 10000 metrics
2020-06-09T07:42:37Z D! [agent] Closing outputs
2020-06-09T07:42:37Z D! [agent] Stopped Successfully
  agents = [ "1IP:1611" ]
  version = 2
  community = "public"
  interval = "60s"
  timeout = "10s"
  retries = 3

    name = "hostname"
    oid = "RFC1213-MIB::sysName.0"
    is_tag = true

    oid = "WOWZA-STREAMING-ENGINE-MIB::serverGroupTable"
    name = "server"
    inherit_tags = ["hostname"]

I’m not familiar with that tool @Ruben Gaspar, but you may want to try and ask in our developer slack channel. You can join here: