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someone needed to customize awstats for our project


We need someone to produce an awstats configuration that will add up the amount of data streamed from various subdirectories within the same application and media source.

To elaborate: a wowza sever will have 1 VOD application

And one media source but the actual content will be organised into multiple sub folders

The log string will vary like this:

As you can see the sub folder in the media source is where hosted client material originates from, and by adding up each separate byte count in the log and producing a total at the end of each run, we can count data throughput.

We need this to run daily and aggregate logs from multiple servers some of which are in remote data centres

Day, week, month and year counts should be maintained.

Please send me your price in your preferred currency.

I worked with one CDN on logs gathering and processing.

Contact me to discuss your case: rshmelev {at} gmail [dot] com