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Sometimes I am getting the wowza streaming error code 14 & 15.Is there any option to solve this issue?.Please let me know.

Hi team.I am working on the wowza live stream engine for a live stream video by using gocoder sdk in iOS.And sometimes i am getting wowza live stream error like “Error code - 14 and Error code - 15”.Why this is occurring? and is there any way to solve this issues?.Please let me know.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Error code 15 in iOS usually refers to a frame rate issue @Janarthanan Kengaraj. But, it can be a bit a bit of a general error code in that area as well. So, it’s best to submit a support ticket to us. We can run some tests to identify what the true cause is and what needs to be corrected.

For error code 14, it sounds like the issue is in the DNS propagation for the hostAddress. You can try using the IP address instead of the host name and see if this resolves the issue for you. But, in general, it means it can’t connect to the server and that could be a config issue or a timing out issue.

Hi @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

is this is possible to solve the error code?
If and can you please let me know the steps?

Hello @Janarthanan Kengaraj

Glad we are working together on a support ticket on this.

For the rest of the forum users inquiring on this, the iOS GoCoder SDK error codes are listed here:

Error 14: WOWZErrorInvalidAudioConfiguration (Error with audio configuration)

Error 15: WOWZErrorUnknownError (Unknown error)