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Sometimes the streams fail

We are using Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.6 hosted on a Linux machine in Azure.

The machine has one live application which has 3 stream files from 3 different cameras on one sports location. We have left, right and center camera. We have a web application that connects the stream files to the Wowza streaming engine once a sport event starts and displays the live video in the browser. The communication is done via the REST API of the Wowza engine.

The whole set up worked well but recently the stream files started failing for some of the cameras. The problem shouldn’t be in the cameras because we also create a video on demand from them and there everything is fine and has no missing video.

A recent change that has been made to the setup is changing the IP addresses of the cameras on the location. We have edited the corresponding stream files in the manager.

The call we make to connect the streams is:


And in the log we get a REST API error:

UTCcommentserverWARN200-REST API: Server request (GET): Not Found (404) - The server has not found anything matching the request URI

And later in the log we get messages like this:

UTCcommentserverWARN200-DvrMbrAlignmentResolver.getChunksSpans[center.stream_360p.473]: null entry: first:null last:null

I can provide the full log if needed.

The interesting thing is that not all of the streams are failing and not always. It is hard to reproduce the issue so any ideas are welcome.

I am still trying to investigate the issue but I will be glad if someone can answer the following simple question. Can we have a problem with the published streams and at the same the recording to be fine?