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Sony MCX-500 not streaming after firmware update

We recently updated the firmware on our Sony MCX-500 streaming switcher and now it does not show up in our Wowza Streaming Engine when we start the stream. Other devices that are set up to stream to Wowza with the same URL still appear in the Incoming Streams page. Is this something anyone has experienced?

Hi Mike. Do you see anything in the log statements ([install-dir]/logs) when you attempt to connect? Also consider running Wowza in standalone mode to monitor stats real-time:

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Yes, I see a lot of “Timecode out of order” and “Timecodes jumped back in time.” I can do some realtime monitoring and see if there’s more.

Those errors indicate that you may be over-tasking the CPU with the transcoder configuration. While testing, is this the only stream running? Try disabling the transcoder and monitor. We can fix the transcoder config, later. Let’s just make sure you’re connecting from the Sony.