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Source security with OBS users can set any streamkey

When ussing source security the user seems to be able to stream to any streamkey in for example OBS

is it possible to make the streamkey the username by default , i dont want users to be able to stream to other streamkeys then there own


I believe OBS streamkey is basically the name of the stream in Wowza. As this is an RTMP server publishing to Wowza, we will simply accept any stream name by default. If you want to restrict it then you can enable password authentication in Incoming Security and maintain a list of publishers who would need to authenticate. Or you could look at the ModuleOnConnectAuthenticate2 module where user credentials are included in the RTMP URL, e.g.


Again you would maintain a list of users that are allowed to authenticate before an inbound RTMP stream is accepted.



I’m not sure what is failing there or what you are trying to do. Please provide more detail specifically relating to the Wowza component and what errors you are receiving and we can see if we can help further.


i am ussing Incoming Security, but i can set any streamname anyway

when using the rtmp://[wowza-ip]:1935/live/myStream?user1&pass1 method

this wont work in flash connect

ow strange, i tried it again and it does work…

must have been doing something wrong

anyway to protect m3u8 files also? with the same user/pass

now ffmpeg fail do

bash line: ($1 = streamname)

ffmpeg -y -i “rtmp://$1?test&12345” -f image2 -vframes 1 /srv/red5/red5pro-server-0.3.0-2.b90-release/webapps/red5prolive/screenshots/$1-$timestamp.jpg