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Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied

I’m having problems to see live streem in players. I’m ussing HDFVR for stream to wowza, everting is working, I already configured the hdfvr Application and can see the live stream connected, also I can see the file “growing” in the content directory, but when I try to play the current stream I got “Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied.” in Any player.

I’d tested the players with another Application (live with the android app) and the players are working fine.

The URL I’m using to access is: rtmp://54.175.82.XXX:1935/hdfvr/ streem name is Clase

For the HDS player: http://54.175.82.XXX:1935/hdfvr/Clase/manifest.f4m

All the player types are activated.

Can you help me to figureout what is happening?


Are you trying to play the live stream or the recorded file produced, from the hdfvr applications?

If you’re trying to play the recorded stream from the hdfvr application, that won’t work unless

played from a vod configured application, such as the sample vod application itself.