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Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied. ​


I have started an RTMP stream from OBS to Wowza. The stream is reaching the Wowza server, but the test player is not working, with the above message coming up.

It’s using the default “MyStream” in the stream name, although I haven’t set it up… How do I do that?

Thank you


Sorted, no need :slight_smile:

Make sure to add the name “myStream” to the “Stream key” field in OBS. Please see attached.

hi Kevin,

Yes, that was done from the very beginning…

As I said, all the configuration is exactly the same in my PC and in the remote one. Stream key, username and password, IP and port…

The stream key is different from MyStream. I’ve used the word Stream… but it was working fine on my PC so it should work as fine in this remote one…