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Specify s3 bucket folder/prefix dynamically

Hi guys,

I need your advise on the following workflow. I have a live-streaming app built on top of Wowza Streaming Engine. Application users can request to broadcast a live stream. They would provide some information in the request, and they would get a URI and credentials to start streaming. Once a streaming stops, I need the recorded media to be uploaded to specific folder location/file prefix in s3 bucket. The location is based on information provided in users request.

I am using s3upload plugin to automatically upload files to s3 bucket. I need a way to set the "s3UploadFilePrefix " dynamically as per user request. Is that possible? or is there anyway to attain the desired workflow?

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Let me check for you @Ikhlas Alhussien. Reply shortly…

Hi @Ikhlas Alhussien, the source code for that module is available from, so you could make any change you want and re-compile it, then use it for your case. Alternatively, you could

  1. Ask a Wowza Consultant to make the changes for you (see, or

  2. Create a separate Wowza Application per stream, and set the module settings per application. Requires slightly more resources, but you won’t need to change the module then. I guess that’ll work if you don’t have too many concurrent streams/broadcasters. You can control (create, configure, delete) Wowza Applications via the REST API, so make the calls from your own application.