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SRT ingest out using RTMP

Hello Community,

I am a newbie to wowza and I am using the engine in AWS.
I am trying to Live Steam with my new Encoders using SRT. I was able to get SRT to work so I think in Wowza Streaming Engine as my encoder says the stream is connected but when I try to send it out to a stream Target using RTMP it just sits there and says “waiting”. The SRT stream file says active and on the graph I see in bound data but the test players don’t work in my browser. I am using chrome on a Mac. I have removed all of the security just to see if this would work.

I don’t believe that Wowza supports Stream Targets with SRT since it would require an SRT Listener and that is still in backlog.

One of our Wowza Consultants does a lot of custom work with SRT and he may be able to assist in the meantime- @Karel_Boek

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Can I suggest using rtmp://serverip:1935/app name/ in your player… I think this is what I understand you asked.

I am confused which is why I am asking but this is why I wanted to use Wowza and this is what I found.

There are two ways to output an ingested SRT stream: either you can let Wowza Streaming Engine transmux the SRT stream into a supported playback format or you can use an SRT stream target.

Wowza Streaming Engine live applications are configured by default to transmux ingested SRT streams into the supported playback types: MPEG-DASH, HLS, RTMP, HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and RTSP/RTP. This makes it easy to deliver the stream to a variety of players. Even if you choose to use an SRT stream target, you will also have the ability to deliver your SRT stream to viewers using these alternative playback types.

So I follow the instructions and the system is not working as advertise which means I am missing something, a setting, a step to use SRT from my encoder into Wowza —> which I do see it states active to out as a RTMP stream which says waiting. As I stated I see traffic in just none of the players work from my browsers which I use Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.


Let’s say your encoder = enc1 … wse server = ser1 and endpoint (ex. Player) = po1 finally OBS = obs

I suggest this:

Enc1(srt://111.222.333.444:9100) -> ser1(srt://

You would of assigned a name for the stream file. Ex would appear active in your incoming stream after it is assigned to the application…

Once there you can use a po1 to pull from the server using rtmp

Ex link rtmp://111.222.333.444:1935/app_name/

To send to obs …use can use the SRT target using as the input… the obs ip as the destination ip, assign a port also

In obs use the media input (deselect local file) and add the uri srt:// (you assigned)


Hope this helped…please give me feedback.


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Hey Egbert,

So I currently have my encoder that serves an SRT stream to the wowza server. Once that connection happens my encoder tells me its connected and the Wowza server when I start the stream file it goes active.

ENC srt:\{IP-Addr-Of- Server}:7500 (connected) ---------> Wowza server (streamfile) srt:// (active)
That works no issues I see data coming in to the server my issue is according to the documentation the stream should be transmux and now I can send it out as RTMP to my stream target rtmp://

The second part is not happening in my wowza server now I can go from my encoder to OBS or Wirecast using SRT but I also need to stream directly from my encoder to my delivery application.

So that is my issue getting the stream target to work.

Can you provide me with a screenshot of the target settings and one of your encoder settings please

So I am allowed to only publish 1 screenshot so I added everything in on screen


Hello…Thanks for the screenshot. Two things …you did not screen shot the SRT target which is what I asked for…also at this point can I suggest you copy all your log files and submit a ticket to the WOWZA support who would have a better in site to what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks @Egbert_Williams yeah I did screen shot the target fyi in blue it tells you SRT PUSH URL (Connected) srt://ip:7010 then in the pic above it you see that the SRT stream is active and recording. The next pic shows RTMP in a Starting state with the RTMP configuration to the right of that and on top you have the error logs.

So as I described in my previous post that the SRT stream is not being sent out as an RTMP stream to a target. I have opened up a ticket but I have to wait 48 hrs and it seems like there is a switch I am not checking in order to get this test to work.

Thanks Again

Sorry I think I misunderstood you. I believe you mean you not able to stream out using the RTMP target.
I believe you need to speak to support to look at your logs and know what is happening…Takecare

@Egbert_Williams I appreciate the help. Thank You Sir!

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