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SRT - PushPublishSRTConnector.connect.failed

Hi guys.

Are there any known issues with Haivision SRT stream target module?

Followed a simple guide, but once the source is connected i get an error with not a lot of info in the logs.

Source and Destination are working correctly as i can restream MPEGTS source as UDP Unicast to a destination server.

There is no firewall restriction between 2 servers either so shouldn’t be a network error.

Any clues whats missing here ?



@ wowza support.

Since SRT is a rather new addition, without many users (by the looks of it ) can you confirm SRT PushPublishConnector is working?


works for me.

i first push an rtmp stream; the srt stream target then pushes it to srt and I can play the stream.

I did not even read the tutorial; it was straightforward.

Can you confirm what are you playing the stream on ? is it VLC, is it ffplay ?

actually, i managed to get FFMPEG to receive the stream, so looks like the issue maybe with VLC after all.

clarification: i played the stream remuxed to rtmp in wowza dashboard and remuxed to HLS by wowza in chrome browser; i didn’t test with playing directly mpegts/srt in ffmpeg or vlc

It appears Wowza SRT implementation only had Caller mode working (can’t seem to find any decent info) which means it Pushes the stream to the destination Listener.

VLC on the other hand only appears to be working in Caller mode as well, and therefore it cant receive (pull) the stream from Wowza.