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srt stream file : enable all mpegts options

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At the moment srt protocol only carries mpegts so it would be sensible to be able to manipulate the mpegts stream as we can when protocol is udp.

For instance, for an mpegts source with several programs, several video or audio streams, it is not possible now to make a selection of video/audio streams through pid.

If srt is to replace tcp or udp protocols for mpegts streams it is an absolute necessity to be able to have that kind of capacity.


ping , there’s been no answer.

Nimblestreamer provides such capabilities with srt: link

It is a pity Wowza does not enable audio/video stream selection.

Hello @kv pham, I want to apologize for there not being an answer for this post or the related post. I am the new Community Manager and I will be making sure you all receive a response from either myself or someone else in the forum community.

Let me check with my engineering team and see if I have an update for you on enabling audio/video stream selection. Thanks for your patience.

I have an updated answer for you @kv pham from my engineering team:

Internally, the SRT context is an extension of the MpegTS context so any .stream file settings that are used for MpegTS should work with SRT (so long as they make sense). The problem will be that the manager UI won’t recognize the MpegTS settings when selecting the SRT option so you will have to manually edit the .stream file to add the mpegts* options.

thanks a lot for the answer; i’ve tested and it works with a quirk.

(maybe move the post to another section if the feature is already implemented, see below)

Consider the following scenario:

  • mpegts ingest with udp protocol

  • it is possible to have several stream files which will select each a different video/audio stream through their pids.

With srt instead of udp, I was able to select audio/video stream through pid but only a single stream file works. If I have several (as in the udp example), one will work; the other .stream files will wait. In other words there is no sharing of the incoming stream.

This is not the case at all with nimble server where the incoming srt can be split into several new streams each with different streams.

Could you check with the engineering team ? I can also open a ticket but the answer will be of general interest I guess.

If it is not possible to do that at the moment with wowza, please consider it for future features.


Sure, I’d be happy to check.

wonder if you ever found the answer to this - also trying to build out a system with WSE with multilanguage in via SRT and out to HLS

Hi @Nathan Ihlenfeldt ,

are you still looking for the solution of multilanguage in via SRT and out to multilanguage HLS ?

misplaced answer; you’re confusing srt protocol and srt subtitles

it’s still not possible with WSE. I’ve talked about it with wowza engineering vp; he’s recognized that it’s a feature to have and he’s passed it down below.

The answer above is a spam post @kv pham. I’ll remove it right now.

Thanks for that update. We do have the Hire A Consultant forum here where you can get help building this until it is provided through Wowza.

@kv pham Being an independent Wowza consultant i will be happy to discuss SRT different video/audio stream PIDs issue if you post the topic in the Hire a Consultant forum .

Hi is there an update on this issue? This is a big problem for us.