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SRT Stream target doesn't send an EOS.

I am trying to test a gstreamer receiver with Wowza.

However when I stop publishing, Gstreamer never receives an EOS event. This causes a bubbling up of data and SRT errors what looks like a stack error. It will not resume streaming and a frozen video output. I need to trap EOS events and restart playback.

How to detect a stream cut to restart the listener ? I’m not sure who’s problem it is.But using gstreamer as a sender will issue an EOS.

The command used is gst-launch-1.0 -v playbin uri=srt://:8888

I don’t have any documentation or testing on this particular workflow- sorry Daniel. I know you are very proactive about submitting support tickets, so if nobody here in the community has an answer for you, please feel free to request a test on this through a support ticket, but I am not sure if we support this SRT setup.

Not sure if you saw this example of SRT with GStreamer on GitHub. Hope it’s helpful:

I’ll send a ticket. Basically in listener mode. If the stream target stops. It cannot be resumed. On the client side it needs to receive an end of stream so it can be restarted. With rtmp there is an event.