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SRT - Streaming for guests in live streams

Usecase: We have a live broadcast where we are happy to invite guests who we integrate via high-quality, latency-free SRT stream.

Input devices: Kiloview E1 or via browser application
Streaming to Wowza Streaming Cloud
Output devices: Kiloview DC230

What solution does Wowza offer here? Are there any instructions for this?

@Philipp_Posmyk have you had any responses to this question?

I do wish more folks in this forums community would participate and help answer. I will see what I can find to help you both. I m not able to answer every single question each week due to other duties, so I am sorry you didn’t get a response from anyone.

Be back soon…

Also remember to always use the search bar above or in the wowza docs to quickly locate an article on what you’re curious about.

Lastly, if I don’t get to your question right away and I will try! Please know that we have a large You Tube tutorial library as well. As far as Kiloview encoders, if it supports SRT, then yes it will work. Remember that in Cloud, it wiil be SRT ingest and HLS playback.

If you need SRT for both ingest and playback, you will need to use Streaming Engine. Hope this helps you both out!