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SRT Streaming not connecting

We are configured Wowza Streaming Engine to ingest the SRT stream as per the documentation and try to connect through the srt-live-transmit tool. But it’s not working.

srt-live-transmit -v -s:500 -r:500 -pf:json udp://:45003 "srt://wowzahostname:4434"

Following error was loged in the console.

16:52:58.202877/srt-live-transmE:SRT.d: SND-DROPPED 59 packets - lost delaying for 1076ms.239x 16:52:58.464670/srt-live-transmE:SRT.d: SND-DROPPED 90 packets - lost delaying for 1126ms.234x 16:52:58.790292/srt-live-transm*E:SRT.d: SND-DROPPED 130 packets - lost delaying for 1157ms

Can you let me know @Aji Nakulan if you are MPEG-TS in your attempts to connect to Engine? Also, are you trying to transmux the stream for playback or are you going to create a a stream target for SRT?