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SRT to RTMP multitrack audio


I have multitrack SRT sources being streamed into Wowza Streaming Engine.
I need to make these available as RTMP this is working perfectly for the first audio track but the rest of the audio tracks are lossed from the RTMP output.

How can I include all input audio tracks in my RTMP outputs?

Can you provide more info? Is this a multi-track audio for the same video? Audio only? Are you using a smil file or schedule? We’d like to have a better understanding of the workflow and how you have it set up. Thanks.

Are the tracks identified by PID? In that case you could maybe enable UDP sharing, and create multiple .stream files that listen to the same port but different PIDs. Just a guess, it’s been a while since I tested that and I don’t remember the exact test results.

My use case is actually very straight forward.
I have SRT sources (mpegts) that contain 8 audio pids.
These are received in Wowza.
These are then made available as they are, no transcoding no audio mapping required just RTMP stream containing video pid and all 8 audio pids.

The suggestion to create multiple stream files won’t work for me as I really need a single stream that contains all the input audio pids for the downstream application to switch between.

Essentially Im looking for a basic SRT (Containing mpegts) to RTMP passthrough with no processing.

Many thanks

@Martyn_Gilbert Can I ask what encoder did you use to create the SRT stream?

@Egbert_Williams I’m using ffmpeg to generate the srt.

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I had made a feature request on this forum.: srt stream file : enable all mpegts options
With mpegts + udp, pid selection works fine.
With mpegts + srt, it works on nimble server. But not on wowza which is disappointing.