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SSl certificate

Hello everyone,
I have my Wowza streaming server running on local host. Nat is done using 1925 port to forward in public IP. All streams outside my local network is accessible through public IP. Now I have tried streamlock SSL certificate my local IP address and Public IP address to generate SSL certificate. Tried both but my live stream is not working using SSl. Can anybody help me, what the issue in my scenario and how can I solve this.I’m using Wowza 4.8.15+3 (build 20211022114044)

Did you mean port 1935? Which is what we suggest for streaming and then you must be configure a separate port like 443 for your SSL certificate.

Here is a video tutorial to make sure you configured the ports and IP address for your SSL cert.

If you are doing port forwarding, please submit a support ticket so we can review your configuration. We need you to upload your files and logs. Thanks.

You can also use letsencrypt to encrypt your streams and your manager. I am not sure if i can add my website address where i have a tutorial about it. Otherwise send me a PM.
You should be able to use that also behind your router. As long as you portforward port 80 and 443 to your Wowza server, to be able to create a Letsencrypt certificate.
Then a minor adjustment to your server config and you can run your streams over SSL.