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Ssl https:// port 8087 or 8086


i have my streamllok ssl up and running.

I need access via API over SSL example:

is it possible? how will i do it

or how can i access port 8087 via ssl?

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I suppose there’s a document somewhere in the Wowza Resources that explains how to do it, but couldn’t find it right now.

Anyway, check the Server.xml file in the /conf folder; under Root > Server > RESTInterface there’s a SSLConfig section that can be set up the same way as the SSLConfig in VHost.xml under Root > VHost > HostPortList > HostPort. Remember to restart Wowza after the change and remember that the Streaming Engine Manager GUI uses the same REST API to manage Wowza, so on the login page of the Engine Manager you must expand the server-option and change the URL to the server to match your HTTPS URL.

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how to use my own ssl domain, I don’t want to use streamlook, is this possible?


I think this is what you’re looking for: