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SSL installed and recognized by wowza but crossdomain issue

I have wowza 4.6.0 installed and a wildcard SSL certificate from a proper authority. I followed the procedure stated in manual and succesfully created the .jks cert and configured in Vhost. The log shows port 443 bind succesfully. When I call the sample.mp4 stream using the https protocol i get the following error: can’t get https://domain/crossdomain.xml. CORS is enabled in wowza. Any ideas?

Hi Marvin,

We would need to look at the configuration and logs of your Wowza server to further diagnose the issue.

As a test, could you configure a new application and set it up with StreamLock SSL to see if that works for you.

You can get in touch with our support team here.



Hello Alex,

Thank you for the reply. After some more testing I found out that the file i was using was corrupt and once i reloaded with a different file the stream played.

Hi Marvin , I am facing similar issue , Can you please suggest here ?