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Ssl StreamLock renewal error,

Expired SSL, StreamLock renewal error, where to get help?

we’ve been offline for a few hours, wowza support not responding quickly urgent, can anyone help?

Maybe you can use Letsencrypt as a temporary solution? See (there’s an article for CentOS available on the same website)

Customer Service doesn’t work on the weekends and won’t see your message until today. Wowza Technical support with a free standard plan has a 48 hr business day response time. There are premium support options available for faster responses that include weekends.

Emails are sent when your Streamlock cert is 28 days from expiring and you are notified in your Wowza account page as well. If the 28 days has already passed and there was no Renew button next to your SSL cert in your Wowza account, unfortunately, we cannot renew an expired certificate.

You will need to request a new StreamLock Certificate.