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SSL wowza + IIS Hosting


Wowza uses port 80 in a server and the SSL given by wowza.

Can i have an SSL for my website on the same server? on another port? like port 91 ?

Because when i try to add a second SSL on the server it says that it interferes with wowza streaming services


I not sure of your config…but SSL is usually port 443…and the Manager unless changed uses port 8090 You need to explain more.

yea sorry 443.

When i try to install an SSL via IIS for example for a website hosted on the same server as a Wowza streaming service it interferes … it doesnt let me , is this normal ?

so in other words, can there be two SSL ? on a server using wowza? one for wowza and one for hosting? and is there any documentation on it i can see how to

You can change the SSL port in the vhost settings on the manager. Make sure your firewall also has the new port setting open

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In addition to the great advice Egbert gave, if you are going to be testing with WebRTC, you need to specify the port in your signaling url.

If you are connecting WebRTC sessions using a port other than the standard SSL/TLS port 443, you must include that non-standard port in the Signaling URL:

For example:

wss://[ SSL-port-number ]/webrtc-session.json

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