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Start daily YouTube broadcasting when stream arrives

Detailed description of work request

I’m using wowza to pull streams from 6 cameras using RTSP. Wowza then creates overlays using transcoding.

The cameras are turned off every night and possibly also during the day.

I am using live events on Youtube with the Wowza Push Publish addon. This is working perfectly when I manually every day create new live events on Youtube.

I would like to automate this Youtube part.

I have looked at this,, but wondering if it can trigger itself?

I need a bit of help for this.

The perfect solution would be if Wowza could trigger an event whenever it tries to push publish.

Then create the live event on Youtube, and start the live event. When this is done it retrieves the Youtube live event URL which it writes in a HTML file where the video is embedded.

This way whenever a stream is started a live event is created and the webpage updated with the correct URL.

I can provide a running environment for testing.

Operating System in use

Windows 7/10 or 2012

Timescales/Delivery date

Not specied but asap as the setup is running.


Depending on the solution. I expect it to be very small peaces of code, but $500-1000

Hi, I’m working with Push Publish addon for a long time and can work on this task.

Please contact me: