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Starting and Stopping Live Streams Remotely


Our goal is to live stream video from a number of locations to our website. We want to be able to turn the streams on and off remotely, and then have each stream saved for us to modify. We want the modified versions to be able to be uploaded and changed out with newer videos. We want to be able to start and stop the stream from anywhere.

Currently, our plan is to use the Wowza Streaming Engine in Amazon Web Services to stream and store our videos. We will also need to use a DRM to control what our customers see, depending on their subscription. We also will want to have a watermark on the videos.

We have a camera connected via HDMI to a Teredek VidiU encoder.

We need the work to be completed soon, within a week if possible.

We have tried to do this on our own, but haven’t found success and need help from someone with experience.

Thank you,


Hi Josh, i can probably work on your task.

I was doing same things before.

For futher discussion please contact me at


We can surely assist you in setting up all of these. Please contact me via skype: shijils